Forbes.com recently declared business communication “broken” because most of the tools that are available “kill more productivity, time and money than they create.” That includes unproductive and unnecessary meetings, but it also includes email, which is the most-used method of business communication, but has also been called the number one killer of productivity in the workplace. And we all use email every day!

Business communication is the leading source of email traffic in the world, amounting to more than 108 billion emails sent and received every day, with unnecessary emails costing businesses an estimated $650 billion a year in lost time and productivity. Given that spam messages and “graymail” make up as much as 14% of received mail—that’s mail that actually reaches your inbox, not counting the stuff that’s caught by spam filters—you can see that workers lost a lot of time and productivity to the “convenience” of email communication.

That being the case, why do 8 out of 10 businesses of every size still rely on unstructured tools like email to drive work processes? The answer is simple: they haven’t found the right collaboration tools to take their place. Fortunately, you have: A web-based project management application such as ConductorLIVE can do more than take the place of email communication, it can provide a one-stop hub for empowering collaboration and building teamwork, boasting a wide arrange of customizable options that allow you to use a little or use a lot, whatever works for your organization and your team.

Even if all a web-based project management application did was reduce reliance on email for communication and file-sharing across an organization, that would still provide an enormous boost in productivity, resulting in a big savings in time and money. Reliance on email for business communication is rapidly becoming outdated and untenable simply because email inboxes are filling up with too much “noise.” In 2014, the average worker processed 121 emails per day. That number is projected to increase to 140 by 2018. With all that traffic passing through their inbox, it takes employees a lot of time to sift out the proverbial wheat from the chaff.

Fortunately, the right web-based project management application eliminates the need for reliance on email by providing a central hub for all team communications, keeping everything in one place so that it’s always available and always easy to find, without all the background noise that comes with other forms of communication. Not to mention the wide range of collaboration tools that allow team members to store files, share calendars, organize tasks, and tackle every other aspect of a project all in one place.

With the help of online project management solutions such as ConductorLIVE, organizations are finding new and better ways to empower collaboration that don’t come at the expense of time, money, or productivity. And that’s something we can all get behind.