Free Trial


Do I get a free trial?

You sure do.  30 days, in fact, after you sign up.  That will give you plenty of time to set up some projects and get a feel for ConductorLive.  Every new user, whether you pay for them or they pay for themselves, receives 30 days free.  Invite your team, colleagues, or anyone else you work on projects with.

May I cancel at anytime?

Absolutely.  If you aren’t satisfied or we don’t fit your needs, you may cancel.  We’ll even refund you the days that you didn’t use after cancelling.

Can I pay for my team as well?

Yep.  Click your portrait in the upper right hand corner of ConductorLive and select “upgrade.”  You can change your plan at anytime or add other people to your account.

What is the best plan?

That depends on a number of things. Feel free to contact us and we’ll help you figure it out.

What are the technical requirements to run ConductorLive?

You will need an Internet connection and an updated browser.  There is nothing to install or download.

What web browser should I use?

That’s totally your call.  ConductorLive works with all web browsers.  Keep in mind you need to keep your browsers up-to-date to experience all the great features of ConductorLive.

Can ConductorLive be deployed on my servers?

Absolutely.  We refer to this as our Enterprise package.

How much does hosting ConductorLive myself cost?

That’s a tough question and relies upon several variables.  As an example, do you want us to build the servers for you?  Do you want us to manage your users?  Do you require additional development with other systems?  As you can see, it can become a difficult question.  It’s best to contact us and have the discussions.

Can I integrate ConductorLive with other software?

In short, yes.  ConductorLive was built in a way to provide about 3000 APIs in it’s library for this purpose.  With that said, it really just depends on the other piece of software.


What happens when my 30 day free trial ends?

When your 30 day free trial ends, you will have fallen madly in love with ConductorLive and will be asked to pick one of our amazing pricing options either for yourself or for your team.  Then you will seamlessly continue to work on your projects.  If you decide you don’t wish to continue on with us, then you will also have the option to cancel your account.

How do I reset my password?

Simple – go to the sign in page here and select “forgot?”  An email will be sent to you instructing you to reset your password.

How does ConductorLive version my files?

ConductorLive will handle all this for you.  All you need to do is continue to upload files with the same name.  You will have access to not only the most current version, but all the previous versions as well.

Can I get my files off the system?

Sure. You can actually back up your files at anytime by selecting the files your want and downloading a zip file.

Can I add a logo or customize ConductorLive?

Only Enterprise users have the ability to add a logo or customize ConductorLive.

Is ConductorLive available in other languages?

Unfortunately for now, ConductorLive is only available in English.  Don’t worry, we are working on others for future builds.

Free Trial