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There’s nothing more frustrating than arriving at a project collaboration meeting only to discover that half the team has been working from outdated versions of the files. Fortunately, web-based project management tools from ConductorLive make it easy for everyone on the team to find, share, and store project files, so that everyone is always up-to-date. Our project management software can even be mounted as a network drive for drag and drop storage, and provides a simple solution that allows team members to share files with non-users.



The ConductorLive file system ensure you never lose anything.

  • Easy file viewing –  Choose your view – full or recently viewed, list or thumbnail.
  • Easy file finding – Find your files by who uploaded them or by tags you put on them.
  • Easy file movement – Drag and drop files straight to your desktop.
  • Easy Zip Features –    Zip files for uploading and downloading large file groups.
  • Easy Privacy Design – Design your own file privacy
  • Easy File Publication –    Give access to insiders.  Syndicate a file to outsiders.
  • Easy Scheduling – Calendar features include note and file attachment.
  • Easy Archiving – Every file shows its history to anyone with a right to know.
  • Easy File Verification – MD5 and SHA1 checksums to verify the legitimacy of a file.


Syndication simply means to share, whether it’s a file, a wiki, an event on a calendar, syndication allows you to share content as a simple links.

A great example of syndication would be sharing wikis and files with multiple clients.  Each client gets their own link with a password.  Business concludes and one of the clients no longer needs access to the information. You remove the syndication link and stop the information from being shared with that one client.

  • Syndicate files for downloads –  Share files outside ConductorLive as a clickable link.
  • Syndicate wikis –  Wikis can be shared as a link or as an iframe embedded into a website.
  • Password protection –  Further protect your content by password protecting your outgoing feeds.
  • List view –  View all your syndications in one convenient list.
  • Content tracking – Track your syndications through the archive function to see who is accessing your content (including their IP addess).
  • Multiple feeds – Creates multiple links for one item.
  • Stop sharing – Syndicated items can be turned off so the generated link no longer allows outside access to your content.


The ConductorLive calendar gives you the reports you need.

  • Customize– Build reports with exactly who you want included, which projects, and over what time frame.
  • Remember  – Once you build a report, save it with a unique name so you can pull it up again.
  • Pick the right report for you – reports share data, so once you create a report, you can switch the report type without filling in the information again.
    • Invoices – A very fast way to generate an invoice.  Grouped by Task or Event on the calendar.
    • Timesheet – Similar to an invoice but grouped by day.
    • Members overview – See at a glance who is late, who has the largest work load.
    • Project open tasks – See what needs to be done across projects.
    • Project status – Similar to Member overview, but rolled up into projects.
    • Resource manager –  See how much time people have to get things done, and compare with other team members, to balance the load.
  • Print – Use your browser to print a report, or save as a PDF (* you may need to configure this on your computer).
  • Syndicate – Generate a Report that you can share with people outside of the system.