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Every day, hours of productivity are lost to wading through excessive communications,

pointless meetings, and the daily search for information and files related to projects. While email

remains a vital and ubiquitous communication tool in business, its value comes at an enormous

cost to those organizations that rely solely on email to manage projects. Studies have found that

workers spend as much as 28% of their time dealing with an average of more than 100 emails per

person per day, costing companies up to $650 billion a year in lost productivity.

But what’s the solution?

ConductorLive was created by a number of leading software developers across the globe to

manage and organize projects in a manner that is secure, intuitive, and easy-to-use, without

sacrificing power or performance. By combining opportunities for Collaboration, File Sharing,

and Organization, ConductorLive project management software is helping to solve the

productivity problems of the modern workplace, and offering a better way to work on projects in the information age.

Built with integration in mind.

ConductorLive can help to empower collaboration between Individuals, Teams, or across an Enterprise, with plans to fit

almost any project or environment. So, if you’re ready to stop losing time and productivity to

emails and other inefficient project management solutions, and start taking your projects to the

next level, contact ConductorLive to learn what plan is right for you and start your Free Trial.

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Features of ConductorLive

Engage your team.
Push forward your projects.
No “reply all” needed.

Now everyone’s in the loop.

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Easy upload.
To/from any device.
Zip files available.

Now that protects the planet.

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Keep your team informed.
Syndicate easily.
Update content automatically.

 Now that builds trust.

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Easy access.
All in one place.
With just one search.

Now that is intelligent.

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Design your own wiki.
Build the future for your team.
All in one place.

Now that is smart.

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Create custom forms.
Update anytime, anywhere.
Stay on the fast track.

Now that keeps you going.

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Stay Organized at a Price You Can Afford

Keep tracks of events, memos and tasks.

See who has done what, where and when.

Ask your team questions regularly to stay on track.

Keep your friends close.

A bird’s eye view of everything.

Post and read messages.

Store and share.

Run your business.

Manage multiple accounts in one place.

Talk one on one .

Find the meaning in your data.

Private notes and lists.

Find what you need.  Get what you want.

Share files, wikis and more with outsiders .

Know what and when things need to get done.

Collaborative documents and a knowledge base.

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It saved us both money and time and allowed us to accomplish more than we could have achieved in any other way.
Joseph Vaughn-Perling, Security Manager, BT
With it, we set each client up as a project which immediately makes Lahaina Consulting appear efficient and professional.
Mike Baum, Principal, Lahaina Consulting Group
Those who are not using it in the present will no doubt need to use it in the future, or they will find themselves at a HUGE competitive disadvantage.
Wesley Isaak, Executive Capital Group
It’s safe, effective, and is the complete answer to my practice information management problems. I recommend others use it without reservation.
Dr. Gary Vitullo, DC, Glendale Chiropractic Arts
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