Besides offering plans for Individuals and Teams, ConductorLive can also be deployed at an Enterprise level, offering project management solutions catered to the needs of a larger company or organization. With more than 3,000 APIs in its library, ConductorLive is built with integration in mind, making it easy to incorporate our powerful and customizable software into legacy systems that are already in place.

Businesses lose countless hours and more than $650 billion a year in productivity to excessive emails communications, unproductive “status update” meetings, and the daily search for needed project information. Deploying a smart, intuitive solution like ConductorLive at the Enterprise level can save your organization a lot of time, frustration, and money, while making your workflow smoother and your projects better organized. No more wading through emails looking for a task, file, or update. ConductorLive puts it all in one place, and all at your fingertips.

ConductorLive can help your entire organization stay connected, promote collaboration, store and share files across devices with ease, build a knowledge base, engage your teams, and get your projects to the finish line faster, better, and more effectively. ConductorLive for Enterprise boasts all the features and functionality that make ConductorLive so powerful, with a range of customization options that can integrate it into your existing systems, and tailor it to the needs of your organization. You can even add a logo for your company, team, or project.

Besides online support, free upgrades, and the ability to add unlimited projects, ConductorLive for Enterprise also offers Usage Training and Strategic Training, to help your organization manage Teams and projects more efficiently. With ConductorLive in your corner, you’ll be able to do more than manage projects with ease, you’ll be able to increase productivity across your entire enterprise, and increase organizational speed and agility.  If you’re ready to see what ConductorLive’s powerful, customizable project management solutions can do for your organization, contact us for a customized price or for more information.  Of course, you can still take advantage of our Free Trial, and our expert team will help you decide on the best plan for your organization going forward.

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