man in suit behind honey comb of cloud services

If your business is like most others, it has probably already switched significant portions of its infrastructure to the cloud. At the same time, your tech leaders are probably spending an inordinate amount of time figuring out cloud security, especially as it relates to inter/intra project communication. But it probably makes you wonder: are you fixing a problem or are you just applying a Band-Aid?

Big worries, small rewards. Consider all the worry and effort your tech team spends on email. Historically, we’ve expected email to pull a huge project management load. But email was never meant to be a lead project management tool. And what happens when you use a tool for a task it isn’t intended for? It breaks. And when your email system starts to break down, hackers have a field day.

The soft spot in your security wall. Email is an easy entry point for many different types of data breaches that result in billions of dollars lost for corporations around the globe. Moreover, over 431 million malware variants emerge EACH YEAR. In the future, malware will continually evolve to find insidious ways to outpace the anti-virus software meant to defeat it.

Consider also the increasingly sophisticated ways hackers are using phishing schemes to stealthily slip under your security radar and wreak havoc on your systems. Add to that the ever-growing list of compliance issues that individual industries must deal with, and it’s no wonder more and more businesses are turning to online collaboration tools to address their security concerns.

The safer, smarter choice. Whether you’re running an enterprise-level company or driving technology for a small business, online collaboration software provides a two-pronged defense against the types of pitfalls that email-only systems continually fall victim to:

Secure file and document storage: Email was never intended to be a storage unit. But how often does your project team use it that way? Online collaboration software provides a single, safe place to digitally store all your project assets and documents. With every file password protected, it ensures that an accidental email click won’t expose proprietary information to the prying eyes of the world.
A trusted communication portal: If your team members (and clients) are aware of how vulnerable email is, how forthright can you expect them to be when communicating on a project? Online collaboration software can put stakeholders’ minds at ease, giving them the confidence to speak and share freely. In addition, collaboration software cordons off projects into their own unique, private workspaces, making searching correspondence easier and much more manageable.

If you’re looking for ways to better secure your project management system, consider investing in a dynamic suite of online collaboration tools such as ConductorLIVE. Designed to help you remove headaches such as email and communication security issues, it can also help you collaborate, share files, and organize your projects in a secure, intuitive, and easy-to-understand way.