man sits in front of paper that says plan

From trade publications to news reports to blogs, a broad spectrum of media geared toward business owners and managers have stressed the importance of good project management for improving communications, increasing efficiency, and boosting profits—no matter the industry. That being said, fewer have acknowledged the great extent to which project management software can help companies achieve these and other goals by streamlining virtually every aspect of the business. It’s true: project management software, when implemented and utilized to take advantage of its full capabilities, is the superior solution to keeping projects on track—that is, on time and under budget.

After all, if you can’t see where you are, how can you know where you’re going? Just as traveling cross-country without a road map can easily lead one off course, trying to complete a project without a clearly defined pathway creates opportunity after opportunity to go astray. This is especially true for projects that are team endeavors. Having a convenient means to establish a timeline, delegate responsibilities, track individual and overall progress, and provide and solicit feedback can help to ensure that each and every team member—and thus the team as a whole—is on track to project completion.

A powerful yet easy-to-use project management platform such as ConductorLIVE can provide all of this and more, helping you and your team to communicate, collaborate, and stay organized from the earliest stages of the project through its completion. The myriad advantages of a web-based project management platform include the following:

  • Facilitates teamwork
  • Encourages and expedites communication
  • Promotes collaboration, including file sharing
  • Enables organization, including task delegation and scheduling
  • Increases transparency and accountability
  • Allows for the instant exchange of information concerning project changes, additions, and delays
  • Keeps project leads and owners informed of progress

In other words, a dynamic online project management suite can help you to keep projects on-track and under budget by streamlining everything from communication to collaboration, organization to oversight.

Every year individual businesses and the United States economy alike lose extraordinary amounts of money to failed projects. And, as a recent survey by software development company Geneca indicates, many business executives—including a staggering 75% of those in the IT industry—anticipate that their projects will fail long before they throw in the towel. Reducing those numbers starts with learning from past mistakes, which brings to light yet another advantage of project management software. In addition to helping you avoid blown deadlines and over-expenditures in the first place, a project management platform also enables you to review each and every detail of a project (whether or not it was completed), empowering you to identify where things could have been improved so that you can implement those changes the next time around.

An online project management solution such as ConductorLIVE can help you streamline communication, collaboration, and organization to boost your chances of project success. If you’re seeking an affordable, effective approach to better project management, consider adopting a dynamic project management solution that leverages the power of the web.