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Environmental scientists agree that the energy industry poses major risks to the environment, from the rapid depletion of natural resources to global warming and climate change linked to the consumption of fossil fuels to toxic pollution generated by the coal and petroleum industries. In light of the reality that the United States and other nations’ consumer habits are doing irrevocable damage to the environment, many individuals have adopted the slogan “Go Green” as a guiding lifestyle principle. Moreover, a growing number of companies are doing the same in an endeavor to minimize their negative impact on the natural world and local communities alike.

The typical American office, after all, can be an extremely environmentally un-friendly space. The average worker uses an astonishing 10,000 sheets of paper each year. The host of lights, computers, printers, and other machines that adorn the average workplace require a great deal of electricity to run. Each employee that commutes via automobile uses fossil fuels. Nearly everyone forgets to bring their reusable water bottle to the office, so extraordinary numbers of plastic bottles are consumed.

So, how might a company go green? One increasingly popular solution is online project management software, which has the potential to dramatically reduce workplace energy usage and waste by streamlining and digitizing all of your business processes. Consider the following 10 ways that taking your project management processes online can help your company become more environmentally friendly:

  1. Enables document creation, storage, and sharing online, eliminating the need to waste paper, energy, and ink by printing
  2. Allows for digital communications with individuals and entire groups, eliminating the need for physical mailing
  3. Makes telecommuting easy, reducing employee fossil fuel usage
  4. Enables Fax to PDF communications, eliminating the need for hard copy fax printing
  5. Allows team members to simultaneously work on the same document, eliminating the need for duplicate hard copies
  6. Allows employees to work from home, dramatically reducing workplace energy consumption and kitchen waste
  7. Reduces the need for environmentally-damaging dry cleaning by facilitating remote work
  8. Fewer workers in the office also means less wear and tear on computers and other equipment, allowing you to replace them far less frequently
  9. Allows for the online storage and distribution of manuals and employee handbooks, making them instantaneously accessible and reducing paper waste
  10. Your use of online project management software can inspire clients and contractors to do the same, helping to expand the initiative to adopt more environmentally-friendly business practices

Of course, there are also countless other ways to make your workplace a more environmentally-friendly space, from recycling to unplugging unused electronics to offering incentives to employees who commute via bike or public transportation. That being said, an online project management solution such as ConductorLIVE represents one of the most convenient means of overhauling your workplace environment to make it not only more green, but also more productive in the process.

Web-based project management software can help you to achieve not only better organization, communication, and collaboration, but also a more environmentally-friendly workplace. If your company is looking to go green—and boost productivity in the process—consider a dynamic collaboration platform such as ConductorLIVE.